Seasoned IT Professional’s first blog

Welcome to Gerry Tolentino’s blog page.  This is my first post after finally making the decision to expand my internet presence.  As the title of this blog states, I am the President of a consulting firm called Praemium Technology Consulting Inc (PTCI) based out of Schaumburg, IL.  It has taken me a while to make the step to create a blog due to a number of factors.  One being the time commitment required to post and maintain a blog.   PTCI is considered a small consulting firm that provides IT technology services to companies within the Chicagoland area.  Being the founder and president, I wear multiple hats that includes onsite client project/program management consulting enagagements to managing the daily operations of PTCI. 

I consider myself a well seasoned IT professional with roots with a variety of projects under my belt starting with developing BAL (Basic Assembly Language) systems as new graduate out of  college working for a consulting company called Software Architech in Chicago.  Yes – I came up as a mainframe programmer and at this time “internet” was only a pipe dream.  At that time, technology advancement did not come as quickly as it does now.  I’ve always considered myself as open minded and progressive with regards to new technology.  I embraced the new technology paradigm shifts from mainframe to client server all through the adoption of internet technologies.  My initial introduction to social networking was through LinkedIn. I’ve heard colleagues discuss this site so I decided to sign up.  I was not convinced that social networking platforms would be accepted by the business world.  However, I since have realized the power and potential of these new technologies and platform to extend your personal and business presence.  I guess better late than never – hence my first blog. In the future I wanted to share the challenges small technology companies such as PTCI have faced in the past few years and how I hope to utilize the power of social networking tools and platform to compete in this tough business environment – stay tuned and come with me on this journey.

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One Comment on “Seasoned IT Professional’s first blog”

  1. Mar Castillo Says:

    Congratulations Gerry on you first blog site!

    I’ll have a couple of Blue Moons today and celebrate.

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